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states, he will protect the constitution of the united states, and that is what i hope he takes very literally, and not hypocritically. i hope that he does take it literally, like i said. >> he brings up the topic of guns and gun violence. something that we will hear from the president in the weeks ahead. do you think it will be in the inaugural address? >> not explicitly. maybe some reference to making our country safer, keeping our children safe may be in their, but he will not make a pitch for gun legislation, not explicitly. >> what makes a successful second inaugural address? [laughter] >> getting to make it. [laughter] being there.
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it has to have a good sense of the moment. it has to be not too time bound, and it needs a sense of history as well, because only then will be read years and generations down the road. >> i agree, it has to assure the country we are on the right path, we can build on what we have done the first four years, in need to be optimistic, not fatalistic, and again, it has to have the broad themes that will be fleshed out in later policy speeches. >> terry edmonds, a former speechwriter for bill clinton, john mcconnell, a former speechwriter for president bush. we will continue for a few minutes. we have a live view of the north portico entrance of the white house. we are told in a few minutes we will have a scene inside the
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blue room where the president will be taking the oath of office. by the way, were marking the third time he had to -- marked the third time he has added to the oath of office because of the two over the first time. what do you think is going on there today as they prepare for this tomorrow? >> they are probably trying to wrest up. i bet there will be two run throughs of the address, very few changes, at this point. >> was a necessary for him to come back to the white house and do over the oath of office? >> it was semantics to say that he was the newly inaugurated. >> press secretary robert gibbs said in the abundance of caution, no question that he had taken the oath, as constituted by the concept -- constitution.
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>> as piquancy, what happened during the presidency, everything from his birth, whether or not he was a socialist, everything was in question. i think the caution was well taken, to make sure nobody could ever challenge whether he was really president. >> we have very little insight into what the president will say tomorrow. what does that tell you? anything? >> not really. we will get dribbles of it later today, but they all these things pretty close until the end, to save some of the dramatic effect. >> there is this what we are looking at from the north portico entrance to the viewing stand. >> that is for the first family, presidential guests in
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the viewing stand. you can look at pictures from inauguration's going back, at least as far as kennedy, and that same picture would be on the screen, if you were looking at 1961. that walkway, the plywood painted white -- the viewing --nd does not look like that it used to be open-aired. there is a great story about president kennedy coming up to the viewing stand. his father, ambassador kennedy, was in the stand, and he stood up to take his hat off. just as he squared with the viewing stand, the president stood up in his car and tipped his hat to his father . >> we are looking at the white house. in a few moments, president
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obama will be sworn in. live coverage, here on c-span. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> please raise your right hand and repeat after me. i, barack hussein obama to saddamists where, and i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states, and will, to the best of my
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ability preserve, protect, and defend, the constitution of the nine states so help you god. congratulations, mr. president. >> thank you, mr. chief justice. thank you so much. thank you, sir. >> thank you, everybody. >> with daughters malia and sasha, a very brief ceremony. the president is sworn in. we will continue with your calls and comments. that was the private ceremony. of course, the public ceremony will take place tomorrow on the
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u.s. capitol. we have a line for independents. you can also join us with the hashtag inaug2013. >> what an honor to be able to see and talk afterwards on c- span. i haven't recorded. -- i have it recorded. i wanted to ask your current guests -- i think it would be a very nice, symbolic gesture if the president could pick the justice they wanted to swear them in. it went off without a hitch this time, and i know this is the official one. hopefully tomorrow will be just as good. i would have liked to see maybe a woman up there, sotomayor --
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maybe the president could have that option. is that an option, does it have to be the leader of the supreme court? thank you very much. go president obama. >> it has been the tradition of the chief justice of the united states. this was the president just a few moments ago holding his hand on a family bible, michelle obama's family bible. chief justice john roberts administered the oath. keith is with us from new york. go ahead please. >> my question was more for the speech writers before. the difference between speaking and speech writing. i do not know who the guests there are now. >> this is more a chance to share your thoughts. do you have a memorable
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inaugural address that comes to mind? >> jfk's. that is the one that probably most people will remember. my question, i guess, was for the other guests that were previously there. >> thanks for the call. one of our viewers saying, i think incumbents should not have inaugural ceremonies. seven have had second inaugurations. when inaugurations fall on the sunday, their move to the following day. tomorrow is also martin luther king day, a federal holiday. we are told the president will make references to mlk, on caller: i am so proud of the
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president and i am so excited about what he is about to do for the country. it does bring tears to my eyes to see how the usa is coming together and we have been so together. i am very excited. host: a caller from los angeles. caller: i am calling to see if you guys know if the bible -- which bible president obama just used. host: the robinson family bible. tomorrow you will use the bible .f martin luther king appeare host: the president is officially sworn in. caller: i would like to say
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that everything that this happened to our country, it is nice to see that on this one day everyone can settle down and watched the inauguration. inauguration -- watch the inauguration. to celebrate his inauguration on such a monumental day, it especially being an african- american. host: caller, you are on c-span. please go ahead. caller: i am calling from missouri. since he was sworn to uphold the constitution, i was just wondering, since he has tried to change the second amendment, should believe what he says? -- we believe what he says?
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he is already trying to change the second amendment of united states. i do not believe him. host: front page of the "new york times," change comes after four years. brenda is joining us from orlando, florida. caller: hi.
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i would like to say congratulations to our president. hi. unlike the senate congratulations, president obama. -- i would like to say congratulations, president obama. you've been through a lot. i would like to say congratulations to president obama. host: a caller on our independent line. caller: i am talking about the first inauguration of president obama. i decided to go to gettysburg warfield and actually hear the ceremony. i was standing along there.
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it was very cold. the senator from california introduced president obama and she used one phrase. my question is, the civil rights movement or the war responsible for the change? host: a couple of headlines. obama aware of second term perils. also from "the arizona republic," how will the president govern across america's to buy. -- divide. from the boston "sunday globe," still talking about change anytime of broken politics.
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a caller on a republican line. -- our republican line. we will go to a caller from greensboro, mississippi. -- greens go, mississippi. -- greensville, mississippi. caller: i want to say congratulations to the president. host: this part of the white house is closed to vehicular traffic but open to tourists. the blue room is in the center of the white house. that is where the president took his official oath of office as dictated under the constitution. a few blocks away along massachusetts avenue, the vice president took the oath of office at 8:20 this morning. administered by the justice sonia sotomayer.
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>> i, joseph r. biden jr., do solemnly swear -- [repeats] >> that i will support and defend the constitution of united states -- [repeats] >> against all enemies, foreign and domestic -- [repeats] >> that i bear true faith and allegiance to the same -- [repeats] >> that i take this freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion -- [repeats] >> and that i will well and faithfully discharge -- [repeats] >> the duties of the office on which i am about to enter. [repeats] >> so help me god. [repeats] >> congratulations. [applause]
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host: the vice president sworn in from his residence at the naval observatory. that house has been the official home of every vice president since nelson rockefeller. back to your calls as we look at the president also swearing-in today and the public ceremonies tomorrow. -- president's swearing-in today and the public service to ceremonies tomrorow. caller: i would like the president to focus on the second term to be about the oil and gas industry here in louisiana. it is critical to us and produces hundreds of thousands of jobs. we just had several of the oil and gas industry commit it to upgrade our platts.
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he missed a great opportunity to create hundreds of thousands of jobs and service sector jobs with the industry when he failed to promote and signed in the pipeline -- sign in the pipeline and that would come through louisiana. it would provide cheap energy for louisiana and the rest of the country. host: a gorgeous day to be at the national mall, a tweet. it is a busy day here at the nation posted it -- nation's capital. the parade tomorrow afternoon. there will be official balls taking place at the washington convention center, including the commander in chief culpriball.
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our cameras will be there into the evening to show you what is happening. a caller on our line for democrats. caller: i want to say thank you to president obama and first lady michelle and still and joe biden. -- jill and joe biden. i am so proud of them for their hard work. i volunteered and 2008 during the democratic convention. i volunteered during president obama's campaign. this is one of the proudest moments of my life, to see the country coming together. so many different cultures, so many different people taking part in the country. i think this is a great day for america. host: next, a call from oklahoma
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city. caller: i was wondering how race played a part in this election. it seems that the racial tensions are starting to grow. i am afraid to see what is going to happen in the upcoming years. i wish people would not look at race and look at people as people. it scares me, what is happening in the world. host: thanks for the call. history on why there is two ceremonies states back to president monroe in 1821, who consult the supreme court because the official date back then was march 4, which fell on a sunday. president monroe deciding after the courts and other public institutions were not open on sunday, they moved it to the following day, on monday. on six different occasions, this has been the case.
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today being the seventh. the change to the inaugural date was ratified and took place for the second inaugural ceremony of president roosevelt. tomorrow is also the day that we pay tribute to the late dr. martin luther king. a memorial to pay tribute to dr. king remains part of the landscape here in washington along the mall. next, a caller on the republican line. we will try one more time for it -- one more time. a quick look at the schedule tomorrow. our coverage will get underway at 7:00 a.m. eastern time, with the ceremonies taking place around washington. the president of travel in short distance to st. john's church for a prayer service carried we will coverag.
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he will head up pennsylvania avenue for the mile and a half trip from the white house to the u.s. capitol. the program getting underway shortly past 11:00 eastern time. the president will be sworn in for the ceremonial swearing-in at noon, that will be followed by lunch and inside the capitol. we will have coverage of the remarks led by senator chuck schumer, who is the chair of the inaugural congressional committee. the president will then depart the capital and head back to the white house. we will have the motorcade as it makes its way down pennsylvania avenue. the president likely to walk a very short distance. the parade itself will run about two and a half hours. the evening calls taking place at the washington convention center -- balls taking place at the washington convention center. a few more minutes with your
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phone calls. a call from arcadia, california. caller: i love the fact that we have a separation of church and state. however, washington invoking "so help me god" is not in the oath. it is in the coronation dating back to 16-something. it is ironic that we got our independence from britain, and yet at the time of the first president, he invoked that statement. it would be nice instead of putting hands on the bible -- and my suggestion would be to have a nicely illustrated copy of the constitution. have everyone store on that and
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sign it, so it is always the same document -- swear on that and sign it, so it is always the same document. credit that would be separation of church and state that we can all agree on -- i think that would be separation of church and state that we can all agree on. host: a caller from massachusetts. caller: congratulations to obama on a second term. host: during the course of the day, we will show you live scenes around washington. president wilson was the first president to take the oath of office on a sunday. it was a minister privately by the chief justice at the time. both presidents eisenhower and reagan in 1957 took the place of .ook the oath of office paying tribute to dr. king
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tomorrow as well. the day began by the vice president being sworn in just past 8:20 eastern time. we will show you that, followed by the wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown. the president and vice-president on hand to pay tribute to fallen soldiers. the president sworn in just before noon eastern time from the blue room at the white house. that is all coming up next at c- span -- on c-span. ♪ >> the vice president of united states, accompanied by the justice sotomayer. -- sotomayor. [applause]
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>> the vice-president has asked that we bless this occasion with prayer. let us pray. , profit micah -- prpohet micaoa , the board requires a view to do justice and love goodness -- lord requires you to do justice and love good as. we ask your blessing on your servant joseph as he renews his
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to this sacred place country. give him a share of your wisdom so that he can know what is good, and give him the courage to always do what is right. walk close by him so that he can do justice, and to labor tirelessly for a more just and gentle world. empower him to be a voice for those without a voice, for those on the margins, though so easily overlooked, for you will judge us all and how we care for the least among us. continue to give him the humility to always call upon you in times of need and with the gift of faith given to him by his church and his family, help him to always know of your presence. lord, protect our president and vice president and their families in their service to us all. finally, we think you for the
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blessings of peace and liberty. we honor the sacrifices of so many in our military and our foreign service and civil service to safeguard these blessings daily. we renew our pledge as citizens to join them in that noble labor to always work for the common good. help us to set aside self- interest and to meet one another on the common ground to which you call us. you, generous god, have given us so much. we humbly offer these gifts for the good of others and for your greater corporatglory. amen. >> mr. vice-president, are you ready sir? >> i am. >> please place your bible on right hand on the bible. repeat after me. i, joseph r. biden, do solemnly swear that i will support and
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defend the constitution of the united states -- [repeats] against all enemies, foreign and domestic -- co [repeats] but i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same -- [repeats] that i take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion -- [repeats] and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which i am about to enter. [repeats] so help me god. [repeats] congratulations. >> thank you. [applause]
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>> justice, these are some of my friends and family. i went to explain to you what a wonderful honor it was and how much out of her way the justice had to go. she is due in new york. she has to go. i apologize. her car is waiting so she can catch a train. i am going to meet the president to do the traditional laying the wreath at the tomb. we're having breakfast. i will be back, they tell me in 40 minutes. i know some of you will still be here. i think you very, very much for sharing this morning with jill and me and the justice.
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it is been a great honor. [applause]
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>> please raise your right hand and repeat after me. i, barack obama, do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of president of united states. [repeats] and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of united states. [repeats] so help you god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. [applause] >> thank you, everybody. >> now look at the m.l. king memorial in washington, d.c. as
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visitors arrive for this memorial weekend.
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[indistinct conversations] >> president obama's public swearing-in will be held tomorrow. he will be using one of the civil rights leader's bibles. to make, -- today, emily's list is holding an inaugural branch. has doneemily's list has been transformative for our country. country.

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